August 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

We are elliptical,
circling the same solar system
a shared sun –

I am an asteroid,
caught in the gravity of a central star,
flung past planets
to the outer rings until
its brilliance pulls me back around

– and you,
circling that same bright sun
accompanied by gleaming satellites
of your own, atomic –

How many times did we bypass one another
all unknowing?

Did I ever pass near enough
to paint a streak of fire
through your atmosphere?

Was I ever flung close enough
to feel the heat of your skin
and wreathe myself in light from
that brush of contact?

before my oval orbit
and your spinning cycles
a conjunction in the black

(what meaning
would ancient astrologers give
to such an event?)

now I
am orbiting

pulled into the
of your presence –
dancing light across your sky,
set aflame
just by drawing close
to you.


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