A Way to Live

May 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

When I am old, I wish to say
in truthfulness and peace:
“I have lived a life of love.”

Let me live in such a way
that I can say:

I have lived with strength and passion,
fully with compassion,
connection and awareness.

I have sat with pain and loss,
the poignant pang of the world;
a container for myself,
a container for others’ truths,
to hear
to touch
to see.

I have danced joy and magic
to the songs of all humanity
and beyond.

I have loved
and loved myself as well as others.

Let me say
I have not slept through life
or wasted my days on work I loathe.
I have spent my hours on that which feeds my soul,
which nourishes,
which fulfills.

I have tasted the fullness of my meals
and truly experienced each day
however mundane,
finding the remarkable in the ordinary.

I have truly lived,
and noticed life around me,
felt the kiss of sky
and sun, and starlight
on my skin.

I have lived a story worth telling,
mythical and beautiful,
richly textured.

Let me live in this way,
that I may say at the end of my days,
“Yes, oh yes,
I have lived.

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