Cheshire Mist

January 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

A Word Portrait.

They are something sleek with a sharp-toothed grin hidden beneath mist and warping light. They are all air and water, deep mist over a placid pond, gleaming white with the first light of morning; the mist hides teeth and coiling sinew in the watery depths, hunger and a keen-minded glee.

When air and water meet and mix, they obscure, conceal; add light and shadow, a breath of wind, and half-seen images distort and dance in the fog. Was that the true figure within that you saw, or just another illusion?

The mists are thinner than they once were; the air is clearer, the water more still. Beneath it all, the shadowy sleek creature with the Cheshire smile seems to be aware of itself, where once it wandered lost in its own disguises.


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