Jungle Calm

January 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

A Word Portrait.

Ey is quiet intensity, a strange mix of satin and iron. Surgical healing, a scalpel’s aid. Gentle is the surface but there’s a dormant predator beneath the calm. Yes – calm is a good descriptor. Ocean calm. No… jungle calm.

And by that I mean growth and shadow, nature’s balance; the deep jungle is vivid life and there’s a peace to nightgreen things growing and wood creaking and shadows deepening, a coiled quiet in the loam and thick carpet of moss and ferns and wet –

Ey is deep-tropics undergrowth and caves behind a sheeting shallow waterfall, and ey is velvet liquid fur over sheathed claws and barely visible jaws/teeth/steel and eyes that gleam, hunger, dissect.

Patience and silence and the healer’s knife and the predator’s fangs. There is a certain magnetism here, softness-over-steel that draws one to touch, to lean against the fluid solidity that seems like potential support/aid/strength/protection even while the scent of potential danger/death/dread smokes velvet/shadow/subtle in still undertones.

I guess it’s the same appeal found in leopards and katanas.


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