Labyrinth Cave

January 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

A Word Portrait.

He is stone and shadow, the musky coolness of a cave in an old-growth forest, dripping stalactites and heavy loam.

A cave may seem shallow and simple, a single cramped opening for bears or badgers, but explore into the deepening layers of darkness in its depths and you may find that it goes down for lifetimes, labyrinthine, full of twists and turns and secrets. Here, a cavern painted in primal ochre, stories of a lost tribe’s hunt. There, the bone-strewn lair of a hunting-cat. Deeper still, and there are chasms that seem to sink to the earth’s heart, a void of air and coolness. There are veins of copper and gold, there are crystal caves and barren ones, there are old scars of mining shafts and new scars of rockslides and cave-ins. There are dangers here, and wonders, and depths that aren’t immediately visible.

Because he wreathes himself in shadow and ivy and moss. He sinks beneath awareness, slips from sight, surrounds himself with brighter beings that draw away attention. A cave can be a potent shelter from storms and pursuit, so long as the hunting-cat with its sharp white teeth hasn’t claimed it first… but you have to know where to look.


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