Primordial Earth

January 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

She is a moving, breathing, flaming mountain. Magma in motion, the most primal of earth with a dark jagged edge, emerald shadow of the mountain.
There is no disguising her feral nature. It burns deep and dark with a garnet hue beneath the dried-blood intensity of her gaze, and with the smiling that is often close to snarling. She moves with a reptilian suddenness, a strange staccato grace with a predator’s sharp focus. The earth grinds beneath her skin like shifting tectonic plates.

There is no subtlety here. The directness, the raw motion, is almost refreshing. Animal stalks so close to the surface that humanity sometimes drowns in the memory of deep jungle and sky-ownership, metallic taste of blood so hot on the tongue, the hunt, ripping flesh, knife’s-edge danger in survival. So it is strange when the scales are peeled back to unfamiliar vulnerability; her first reaction seems to be to hiss and withdraw with slanted slitted eyes.

Fierce passion, proud instincts; she is heated blood and bunching muscle, fang and fire and earth and claw.


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