Wire and Crystal

January 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

A Word Portrait.

She is a work of wire and crystal. Fragility with a core of resilience, flexible response. Receptivity becomes hypersensitivity–tumbling, folding, reeling–but the wind whips through the wires and rattles the faceted glass and she returns to standing, willow-like, reed-like.

Currents flow through her and around her and within her. She is hollow, needing to be filled, yet copper conducts electricity too well and her wire frame coils and attaches and drains away the charge.

Copper and brass and aluminum, quartz and crystal and glass; the wires are smooth and winding, but some of the crystal is sharp shards, and there’s a core of dark matter deep within that hungers, needs, wants; devours the incoming currents and watches for more with an ice-glass gaze.

Brightness reflecting and refracting through faceted prisms and glass, gleaming off wire. Yet that reflection keeps the core from light, keeps the current controlled, from short-circuits deep within. Attraction and defense, form and function.


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