Other Writings

Pieces that don’t fit under the Spirituality page. These will be writings on psychology, gaming, societal observations, and so on.

  • Heat and Dryness, Cold and Moisture. Poetic, personal observations on life and climate in Colorado’s Front Range.
  • Life Lessons. The process of learning to hear, to taste, to dance.
  • Loving a Wild Thing. Love your own wildness, and the wild things might draw near to court you.
  • Monster in the Basement. Exploration of my own mind, and probing into the shadows therein.
  • Seeking Beauty. You cannot wait, passively, for beauty to find you.
  • Surrounded by Wonder. The magic of myth and story. I am surrounded by wonder, yet too rarely take notice of it.
  • That Strange Madness. What love means to me, what I believe about love, and the patterns of my expression of love.
  • Writer’s Fire. I felt like the fire had disappeared from my words; that I’d lost the heart of writing. This was partially angsting on my part, and partially an attempt to show myself that yes, I could still write; I still had my touch.

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