Non-Binary Mysteries

The Non-Binary Mysteries Roundtable began in early 2015, conceptualized and facilitated by Milo of Rotwork.

The Nonbinary Mysteries Roundtable will be a series of loose prompts and themes that nonbinary pagans, polytheists, witches, and everyone in between, can respond to in order to develop the collective understanding we have of ourselves, our unique experience of gender, and how it relates to our worship and/or practice. People of all nonbinary identities are encouraged to participate!

As a gender-neutral Pagan whose non-binary gender has an impact on my practice, faith, and worldview, I’ve decided to join in on the roundtable. My responses are listed below and will be added as each new prompt comes out.

Non-Binary Mysteries Roundtable Responses

  1. Beginnings
  2. Solar and Lunar Symbolism

§ One Response to Non-Binary Mysteries

  • Hey there. Friend of Lupa, recent transplant from her neck of the woods to Denver, and she suggested I look you up. Also non-binary, “otherkin”, looking for friends here. Don;t know how to contact you other than leaving a comment on your blog: feel free to ping be back via Google+ or you can find me on Facebook using my name…

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