May 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

there are times when i feel


flayed, all the skin
stripped from me, leaving
my heart open to
air and dust and
jostling impact

all the muscle pulled away
bones laid bare and
they are not so
supportive then,
without tendons to
hold the joints up

my coverings removed,
this skinsuit, this meat,
dissected until the spirit
is showing, vulnerable,

until even the lightest touch
of your breath
and your speech
(all of you –
every one)
shakes my core
to trembling

i am cut open
i am peeled flesh and sun-baked skin
and every sound
every touch and every sight
even every thought
sears across
the bared stuff of
my soul

please be quiet

please don’t come near

everything is overwhelming right now,
this is not a plea for comfort,
your attempts at comfort will burn worse,
your very presence hurts –

i need silence
and room
to breathe.

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