Guardian, Challenger, Guide

November 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Anpu, Guardian, Challenger, Guide
He who opens the ways
Jackal black with my heart in his hands
Waiting to be weighed.

Yinepu and Neb-Ta-Djeser

You who formed my eternal ba
Father of my self
You who know my truest Name
Let me honor you.

Guide me through the shadows of night
Challenge me in the dark
Guard me when I cannot guard myself
Open the ways of my heart.

I shall follow ma’at in word and deed
Keep my feet from isfet
Balance my heart with the Feather of Truth
I live in ma’at.

Dua Anpu, Lord of the West
I accept your challenge!
I will not flee, nor will I back away
I am your own!


This is a song to my god, Anpu (better known as Anubis). The refrain is a listing of the Names he’s known by. I used some Egyptian terms and words, so here’s translations:

  • ba: The immortal part of the soul.
  • dua: “Hail” or “honor to”. It’s the equivalent of saying “praise [deity]!”.
  • isfet: “Discord”, “Wrong”, “entropy”. It’s sort of like the concept of “evil”, only not quite.
  • Khenti-Imentiu: Name of Anpu meaning “Foremost of the Westerners”. The Egyptian lands of the dead were perceived to be in the west.
  • Khenty-Seh-Netjer: Name of Anpu meaning “Presider over the Gods’ Pavilion”.
  • Imy-ut: Name of Anpu meaning “He Who is in the Place of Embalming”.
  • ma’at: “Right”, “balance” and “Truth”. It’s sort of like the concept of “good”, only not quite.
  • Neb-Ta-Djeser: Name of Anpu meaning “Lord of the Sacred Land”.
  • Tepy-Dju-Ef: Name of Anpu meaning “He Who Is Upon His Mountain”.
  • Wepwawet: Name of Anpu meaning “Opener of the Ways”.
  • Yinepu: Name of Anpu meaning “Divine Child”.

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