Everything here is out-of-date and not necessarily applicable to my current views, beliefs, or experiences, but I still want to leave it up in case it’s useful for others.

  • beautiful nothing, March 2007. Poetry. Overly angsty and self-destructive. Not entirely how I feel anymore.
  • Phoenix Heart, 1999? 2000? Fiction, fantasy. Ancient, awful fiction. I’m only posting it because it was the first finished over-50k-words story I ever wrote.
  • Soul Pieces, July 2006. An overview of and thoughts on the Kemetic parts of the self.
  • Stolen Song, March 2003. Fiction, fantasy. Originally a Redwall fanfic. It was a writing experiment, an exercise in descriptive/purple prose.
  • Thoughts on Empathy, September 2005. The information is still relevant, but it’s just a transcript of an email correspondence about empathic senses, rather than a polished essay.
  • Why I Believe in Vampires, August 2005. On psychic/pranic vampires. The details of my beliefs on the subject have changed a bit, and my understanding has evolved, so this is somewhat outdated but still has some potentially useful information.

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